RUR 2021 World University Ranking

27 April 2021

RUR 2021 World University Ranking is out! This year we have 867 universities representing 74 nations.


Leading Russian Universities

13 May 2020

The RUR Rankings Agency in partnership with international company Clarivate Analytics announces their second release of the Russian university ranking: RUR Russian Universities Ranking.


Best Technical Universities 2018

14 June 2018

RUR Rankings Agency in partnership with Clarivate Analytics and media support of MIA “Rossiya Segodnya” announced 5th release of RUR Technical Sciences World University Ranking.


RUR World University Ranking 2018 is out

9 April 2018

RUR World University Ranking 2018 is out now. This year 783 universities from 74 countries took part in the ranking. Since the first release of the ranking in 2010 more than 1000 higher education institutions representing 84 nations participated in Round University Ranking..


RUR Reputation Ranking 2017 is released

23 August 2017

The Ranking Agency RUR announces the release of the 8th version of the International Round University Ranking – Reputation Ranking 2017.


Release of RUR World University Ranking 2017

6 April 2017

RUR Rankings Agency announces release of its 8th edition of Round University Ranking for 2017. This year 763 world’s leading higher education institutions were evaluated by 20 RUR metrics to compose one of the comprehensive dataset on higher education sector. You can find RUR 2017 Ranking in our website and also get an overview of each participated institution in RUR University Profiles ... Continue

RUR Academic Performance World University Rankings

24 August 2016

RUR Rankings Agency announces release of its first RUR Research Performance World Univerity Rankings. This new ranking is designed to measure higher education institutions across the boarders in terms of research efficiency and productivity.
Please see results of RUR Research Performance.. Continue

Interview with an expert in university rankings sphere Dr. Richard Holmes

March 29, 2016

We are presenting an interview with one of the world's leading experts in the field of university rankings Dr. Richard Holmes. Professor Holmes is an author and editor of a special blog dedicated to the topic of rankings and world trends in the development of higher education. Interview by Round Univesity Ranking Editor - Oleg Solovyev. Continue

Release of Round University Ranking 2016

March 16, 2016

RUR Rankings Agency announces a press conference in the TASS press center, dedicated to the new RUR World University Rankings 2016 publishing.

On Thursday, 7th April at 11 a.m. (Moscow time) RUR Rankings Agency will hold the press conference, dedicated to the new RUR World University Rankings 2016 publishing. RUR 2016 edition evaluates 700 leading world universities including 23 Russian higher education institutions. Apart from the general rankings that are aimed to measure the efficiency of universities by 20 individual indicators, the conference will feature 4 additional rankings: by Teaching, Research, International Diversity and Financial Sustainability areas..

ITAR-TASS Press-Center 2, Tverskoy blvd., Moscow

7th April, 11 a.m.


Rankings changes

October 6, 2015

Dear users,

There are some changes in RUR Rankings we would like to notify you about:

1) Financial Indicators are removed from university profiles by the request of our data provider – Thomson Reuters.

2) We also removed University of Technology of Sydney from all rankings by the request of this institution.

3) Ranks and scores of University of Qatar in RUR 2015 were changed due to inaccuracy in financial indicators data we used. We used data in national currency instead of USD equivalent as in all other universities. Now it is changed and University of Quatar is ranked #634 in a world instead of #635 previously. This university also became #316 by Financial Sustainability instead of #325 before. All changes with this institution did not affect ranks and scores of other universities in our rankings.

Stay with us.

Round University Ranking 2015 is released

Round University Ranking 2015 September 1, 2015

RUR Rankings Agency announces the release of Round University Ranking (RUR) for 2015 alongside with update of its website This year 750 leading world universities from 78 nations are evaluated across 4 key dimension areas: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability.

The top 10 remains almost the same compared with previous year. Harvard University is #1 as well as in 2014. Its Eastern Coast rival Stanford University follows the Ivy League leader with slight gap. Third place was taken by University of Chicago located precisely between Eastern and Western Coast leaders. Totally, six US institutions, three from UK and one Swiss form the elite world top-10.

One of RUR rankings key features is its League system. Each league represents top-100, top-200 etc. world leaders in higher education. Continue

RUR Ranking 2.0 is online

RUR Ranking 2.0 August 18, 2015

The RUR Rankings Agency announces the release of an updated version of RUR Rankings, with significant changes made and new functional added. A brief list of changes runs as follows:

The purpose of the project is to provide an analytical platform for key stakeholders in higher education sector: prospective students, academics, university management, and government. New RUR Rankings services may help in finding optimal strategies to improve the position of universities in rankings and, more generally, in improving the competitiveness of universities of the world. Teachers, students and applicants are offered a comparison tool in order to select proper educational programs and scientific fields. Moreover, the information posted on the website will be of interest not only to specialists on the field of university rankings, but also to business representatives, and other parties concerned in the subject. Continue