RUR World University Rankings

Round University Ranking (RUR) is an international world university rankings system which measures performance of 1100 leading world universities from 82 countries by 20 unique indicators and 4 key areas of university activities: teaching, research, international diversity, financial sustainability. All raw data for RUR Rankings is provided by an international company Thomson Reuters. RUR Rankings cover the period from 2010 to the present.

RUR Rankings is designed as an evaluation system aimed to provide sufficient information about university performance to address stakeholder's personal tasks: students, academic community, university management, policy makers.

RUR Data

All the raw data (like number of students, academic staff etc.) is provided by Thomson Reuters through a special data survey called Global Institutional Profiles Project (GIPP). This survey is conducted annually in the spring and covers 700-800 higher education institutions through all over the world with the prospective expansion by 1000+.

Three types of the raw data are used in RUR:

  1. Statistical data
    • • In GIPP universities provide information about 20 raw indicators which are used to generate 100 scaled indicators (ratio between 2 values) of which in turn 20 are used in RUR Rankings.
  2. Bibliomteric data
    • • For bibliometric/scientometrics information RUR Rankings use the raw data extracted from Web of Science Core Collection.
  3. Reputation data
    • • As a part of Global Institutional Profiles Project, a special Academic Reputation Survey is conducted annually. Each reputation survey include around 60,000 responses from 10,000 respondents which present all dimensions of global academic community. Please find more details about reputation survey in the methodology.

Round University Ranking is the comprehensive system of world university rankings which includes 4 main rankings with prospectives for expansions and also sub-rankings within the 4 key rankings:

  1. RUR Overall Rankings

    Overall Ranking evaluates instituional performance by 20 indicators which are grouped in 4 dimensions. In turn each dimension of Overall ranking forms a separate ranking where 5 metrics of each 4 groups are included. The list of RUR rankings by dimensions is the following:

    • • Teaching Ranking;
    • • Research Ranking;
    • • International Diversity Ranking;
    • • Financial Sustainability Ranking.

  2. RUR Subject Rankings

    The methodology of subject rankings is identical to the methodology of the overall ranking. In rankings by 6 broad subject areas we use the same 20 indicators, grouped in 4 dimension areas. What differentiate these two sets of rankings is the raw data used in each of the group.

    Each of the subject rankings falls into 5 rankings: overall (20 indicators) and 4 dimension rankings (5 indicators per each ranking).

    List of RUR Subject Rankings:

    • • Humanities
    • • Life Sciences;
    • • Natural Sciences;
    • • Technical Sciences;
    • • Social Sciences;
    • • Medical Sciences.

  3. RUR Reputation Rankings

    RUR Reputation Rankings are aimed to measure universities brand, influence of a particular institution globally. This ranking assess institutions by only two indicators (teaching and research reputation) with the same weight of 50% per each indicator.

  4. RUR Research Perfomance Ranking

    RUR Research Performance Ranking evaluates institution’s performance in terms of its scientific effectiveness, quality and recognition of researches conducted in certain university. The selection of scientometric indicators, some of which coincides with RUR Research sub ranking metrics, is used in this ranking. The list of indicators is presented below:

    • • Normalizaed citation impact;
    • • Citation per papers;
    • • Papers per academic and research staff;
    • • Research reputation;
    • • International co-authored papers.

RUR Methodology

To evaluate performance of 1100 leading world universities RUR Rankings system use the unique comprehensive methodology and assess higher education institutions performance by 20 separate indicators (see below). For more details please see our methodology page.

Teaching indicators
Research indicators
Academic staff per students Citations per academic and research staff
Academic staff per bachelor degrees Doctoral degrees per admitted PhD
Doctoral degrees per academic staff Normalized citation impact
Doctoral degrees per bachelor degrees Papers per Academic and research staff
Teaching reputation Research reputation
International Diversity indicators
Financial Sustainability indicators
International academic staff Institutional income per academic staff
International students Institutional income per students
International co-authored papers Papers per million research income
International reputation Research income per Academic staff
International level Research income per institutional income

Why stakeholders in all over the world choose RUR Ranking?

Key features

  • • 20 indicators that cover key areas of university activities: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability.
  • • Detailed statistics on all institutions, which includes user-friendly profiles with both ranks and points on each of 20 indicators and separately measured 4 key areas.
  • • Access to 1100 profiles of leading world universities.
  • • Visitors from over 100 countries including world capitals: London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.
  • • RUR is the international news feed which publishes news of the world higher education sector.

For university management

  • • RUR allows participating institutions to evaluate their performance by 20 indicators. Advanced analytical services on RUR website allow users to conduct comprehensive analysis by all key missions of institutional performance.
  • • RUR is an inclusive evaluation system without any limitations for participation. All higher education institutions in the world are welcome to take part in RUR.

For students

  • • Choose the best place for study among leading world universities.
  • • Explore our world map in order to find university with the best geographical location.

RUR is your navigator in higher education!