RUR Rankings Agency in partnership with Clarivate Analytics and media support of MIA “Rossiya Segodnya” announced 5th release of RUR Technical Sciences World University Ranking.

Internationalization of higher education is the expanding and unstoppable global process. Nowadays millions of students prefer to study abroad instead of their home countries. The one can choose university or program to study relatively easy within national borders. Friends, parents, colleagues are here to help.

However, when it comes to education abroad, the story is quite different. By this moment more than 26.000 higher education institutions exists and more are coming. In addition, it’s almost impossible to compare more or less objectively universities between New Zealand or Iceland, Bolivia or Malaysia, France or Russia and so on based on narrow facts sample.

In this case so called World University Ranking are becoming crucially important. Because ranking allow comparing completely different education systems based on the same scales, the same data.

Recently, on April 9th Round University Ranking (RUR) World University Ranking has been released. RUR Ranking compares universities performance by 20 indicators grouped into 4 areas like teaching, research, international diversity, financial sustainability.

Nevertheless, overall rankings are limited and could be likely a beacon in higher education ocean. If the one chooses universities by specific subjects special subject oriented rankings are better choice for finding best university.

RUR Technical Sciences 2018 was designed specifically to address key stakeholders requests in Technical Sciences. This ranking evaluates not universities as a comprehensive structures, but instead only technical & engineering oriented divisions and departments. In total, 52 narrow subjects are included in “Technical Sciences” definition like Mechanical Engineering, Mining & Metallurgy, Nanoscience’s & Nanotechnologies and so on.

This year 585 universities representing 68 nations took part in RUR Technical Sciences World University Ranking 2018. The US stays as ranking’s unshakable leader with 110 participated universities. US even improved their result adding + 5 positions. Russia surprisingly became #2 in a world with 56 universities compared with 37 last year. Finally, UK is #3 with 54 participants (compared with 68 last year). Such a great fall of UK in terms of its universities representation might be partly the result of Brexit and all connected processes related to higher education sector.

The full list of top countries by number of participated institutions is below:

  1. USA - 110
  2. Russia - 56
  3. UK - 54
  4. China -39
  5. Japan - 32
  6. Taiwan - 26
  7. Australia - 21
  8. Canada - 17
  9. Italy - 17
  10. Spain - 16
  11. Germany - 15
  12. Republic of Korea - 14

World TOP-10 universities by Technical Sciences

The distribution of higher education institutions within the first ten remained almost compared with 2017 academic year. Nine out of ten universities have maintained their leading positions in the global top ten. Only Swiss Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) left the ranking and University of South Australia entered Top-10 for the first time.

RUR Global TOP-10 in Technical Sciences 2018

  1. Harvard University, USA (same as year before)
  2. University of Oxford, UK (same as year before)
  3. Northwestern University, USA (+6 positions)
  4. Stanford University, USA (+4)
  5. University of Cambridge (+2), UK
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (-2)
  7. ETH Zurich, Switzerland (-1)
  8. Princeton University, USA (-5)
  9. King`s College London, UK (-18)
  10. University of South Australia, Australia (-6)