RUR Rankings Agency announces the release of Round University Ranking (RUR) for 2015 alongside with update of its website This year 750 leading world universities from 78 nations are evaluated across 4 key dimension areas: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability.


The top 10 remains almost the same compared with previous year. Harvard University is #1 as well as in 2014. Its Eastern Coast rival Stanford University follows the Ivy League leader with slight gap. Third place was taken by University of Chicago located precisely between Eastern and Western Coast leaders. Totally, six US institutions, three from UK and one Swiss form the elite world top-10.


One of RUR rankings key features is its League system. Each league represents top-100, top-200 etc. world leaders in higher education. This year 19 nations form most prestigious Diamond league (top-100) compared with 18 in 2014 which in some way might show greater diversification of world higher education competitiveness. 43 out of 100 positions in top-100 are taken by US universities and 10 by UK universities. Although both US and UK take total 53% places in Diamond League the number of USA institutions falls year by year from 47 in 2012 until now.


The second Golden League (top-200) is more diverse and it is not so Anglo-Saxon oriented as Diamond League with 20 and 16 universities from US & UK respectively. Germany follows UK with 11 universities and then Canada is represented with 8 participants. Japan and France share 5-th place respectively with 5 universities per nation.


The insight view on overall world performance shows relatively strong presence of Emerging Markets like BRICS, Turkey etc. Except China, emerging economies are still out of top-100 but their overall presence grows year by year.


China is #6 in Overall performance with 29 institutions compared with 24 last year. Russia demonstrates the strongest growth in terms of participated institutions: 27 in 2015 compared with 18 in 2014 and 13 in 2013. The main reason of such rapid growth is state supported 5-100 project aimed to put at least 5 universities in top 100 by 2020. India is close to Russia in terms participated institutions, though this country inferiors in total numbers: 21 in 2015 compared to 15 last year. Brazil and South Africa presence looks relatively modest in comparison with other BRICS nations: 7 and 6 universities respectively.


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