RUR Ranking 2.0 is online

The RUR Rankings Agency announces the release of an updated version of RUR Rankings, with significant changes made and new functional added. A brief list of changes runs as follows:


The purpose of the project is to provide an analytical platform for key stakeholders in higher education sector: prospective students, academics, university management, and government. New RUR Rankings services may help in finding optimal strategies to improve the position of universities in rankings and, more generally, in improving the competitiveness of universities of the world. Teachers, students and applicants are offered a comparison tool in order to select proper educational programs and scientific fields. Moreover, the information posted on the website will be of interest not only to specialists on the field of university rankings, but also to business representatives, and other parties concerned about the subject.


1. RUR Time Scale


• Rankings for the period 2010-2015 have been added. Thus we provide the most complete retrospective to assess the dynamics of higher education institutions in the timeline.


2. RUR Methodology v. 2.0


• A new, improved comparing to the previous one, methodology is being used. The details can be seen in the relevant website section {Link}. We completely gave up the idea of using 20 RUR indicators and switched to our own system of assessing scores for each university and each indicator.


3. RUR Classification


A three-level university classification system is introduced:

Each league represents a hundred, to which universities belong:


a) RUR Leagues

• Diamond League (Rank 1-100);

• Gold League (Rank 101-200);

• Silver League (Rank 201-300);

• Bronze League (Rank 301-400);

• Copper League (Rank 401-500);

• World League (Rank 501+)


b) RUR Dimension Areas

Each year 5 rankings are represented: one is overall, while 4 others are based on the universities’ areas of activities (not to be confused with subject areas). The list of Dimension areas runs as follows:

• RUR Overall Ranking;

• RUR Teaching Ranking;

• RUR Research Rankings;

• RUR International Diversity Ranking;

• RUR Financial Sustainability Ranking.


c) RUR Subject Areas

In 2016 we will add 6 subject rankings for every year starting with 2012. The list of these sub-rankings runs as follows:

• RUR Arts & Humanities;

• RUR Life Sciences;

• RUR Engineering & Technology;

• RUR Medical Sciences;

• RUR Social Sciences;

• RUR Natural Sciences


4. RUR Services


The updated version offers you services of comparison and matching of 750 universities all over the world throughout the period of 2010-2015. The RUR Rankings services provide researchers, university managers, teachers, students and all other parties concerned with a set of tools that allows conducting a comprehensive analysis of the activities of universities.


a) RUR Rankings


This service provides annual rankings of the world universities for the period from 2010 - 2015. You can choose the year by clicking on the appropriate tag on the timeline. For each year you can select one of the five rankings - the Overall ranking, as well as rankings on Teaching, Research, International Diversity, Financial Sustainability directions. You can choose the required ranking in a window below the timeline on the left. Each ranking contains the name of the university, its rank and score in the ranking, country, flag and college leagues. The scroll bar on the right allows you to view the whole ranking.

Universities can be sorted by Rank, Score, Economy, League, University (in alphabetical order). By clicking on Rank, you can sort the ranking in ascending or descending order. By clicking on the Score, you sort it by scores of universities. If you are interested in universities in a particular country, click on the Economy, the universities will be sorted by country and to descending order within a given country. Finally, by clicking on the League, you can sort universities by leagues showing what hundred the university belongs to.


b) RUR Universities


The service provides information about universities included in the ranking: the general university profile, including university name, foundation year, short name, type, quantity of students and faculty, Endowment, web site link, region, location.

To use this service choose the university you are interested in. This can be done in two ways: by choosing the university from the dropdown list to the left below the timeline, or by entering the name of the university in the box to the right below the timeline. The service provides a possibility of choosing from 2010 to 2015 by clicking on the particular year in the timeline. Besides that, you can select a special ranking according to your interest: the Overall ranking or the Teaching, Research, International Diversity or Financial Sustainability dimension area rankings.

The table below gives Rank and Score of the university in the selected year ranking and a League sign. Detailed performance of the university in the ranking for the selected year in five areas follows: Teaching, Research, Internationalization, Finance.

There are a University overview and a Mission Statement below the university’s profile.


c) RUR World Map


The map shows all the universities involved in the RUR ranking. To select a single university you are interested in, select a year in the timeline (by default, it is set for 2015). Next, select the university in a drop-down list to the left below the timeline, or enter a name in the box to the right below the timeline and click Search. Besides, you can select universities directly on the map.

A Short university profile will open, containing university name, foundation year, short name, type, quantity of students and faculty, Endowment, web site link, region, location, logo of the university and the country's flag. Besides, the profile shows the rank and score of the university for the selected year in the Overall ranking and in Teaching, Research, Internationalization, Finance group rankings. To view the complete profile of the university, click View full university profile.

To return to the map, click a button to the right of the profile "Go back to the map".


d) RUR Compare Universities


With the service it is possible to compare ranks and scores of universities in RUR rankings throughout the period of 2010-2015. The service allows you to compare up to six universities, but it’s not obligatory to choose all six - you can choose less. Start typing the name of the university in one of the six boxes under the timeline, and a drop-down list will appear where you can select the university you are interested in.

Next you should select data of rankings you are interested in: Overall Ranking or Teaching, Research, Internationalization and Finances directions rankings and click Compare. Below you’ll get a Rank and Score comparison of RUR university rankings in graphical and tabular form with a temporary dynamics from 2010 to 2015.


e) Heat Map


The service provides an analytical tool for comparing the distribution of the universities in the world over the years and by RUR leagues. You can select a year on the timeline, as well as two fields of comparison: through 6 leagues and through 5 rankings. By clicking Visualize, you’ll get a graph showing the number and proportion of universities in different countries in one or another RUR ranking. The number under the country-name stands for the number of universities from this country represented in the rankings. The colors of the squares on the graph coincide with leagues’ colors: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and World. Below the graph the same data is presented in a table format.